XPORT GROUP is a Group of companies specialised in Marketing, Trading and Agency Representation based in Dubai, which offers:

1. Consolidated Network developed in over twenty years.

2. Deep knowledge on the construction market in the Middle East.

3. Acknowledged Know-How to create and stimulate demand for the represented products and promoting them in the most important projects of the Territory.

4. Know-How to enter specifications of products in the Vendors list of the most important Developers.

XPORT GROUP has been present for more than two decades in the Middle East, where it gained a leading position in the construction sector, representing selected companies, especially Italian, which can provide with experienced competence the best materials and solutions. Over the years, XPORT has become a point of reference in the Middle East combining Made in Italy quality with the best-designed buildings in the area. 

XPORT GROUP consists of a TEAM of professionals who follow three complementing operating units: Xport Marketing, Xport Trading and Xport FZE.


XPORT GROUP promotes a wide range of innovative products, often tailored to the trends of the  leading Italian and European Design. In addition, to avoid any potential obstacle to their sale, it ensures that they are certified according to the European Community standards, and provide, if they have not provided, for the proper up to date qualifications, required by the local Municipality. Following the approval by the competent office, the product is pre-qualified and inserted into the Vendor-Lists of the most coveted projects in the Region. The successful closing of the sale also involves a strong commercial impact on the other dealers and contractors which recognized that success of the sale of our products, and then subsequently they make wide request of them.

Reliability and professionalism are the references that Xport Group provides to those who intend to enter and strengthen their presence in the Middle East.

XPORT GROUP has deepened with care marketing research in the Middle East, using its unique "Data-Base", rich in precious notes that for over twenty years have been daily updated in the list of the many Consultants, Developers and Architects. With many of them, who represent the key-figures or "decision makers" in each relative area, XPORT has formed a bond with proven reliability, which adds value, and makes also the companies represented, more recognizable and respected. This Networking leverages each reference made in the market, and it can be easily accredited into the specifications of the new projects. The diligent and constant promotional activities, allows to achieve abiding business and profit.

XPORT GROUP, with this job Marketing Networking and regular visits and contacts, manages to be present in almost all of the projects of the Middle East.

XPORT GROUP, extends promotion of products through catalogues, samples, color cards, and all the advertising material available in the office, but also in the warehouse, where there is room for   preparing mock up, or other useful demonstrative installations.

XPORT GROUP has created a "hub" strategy that acts as a bridge between East and West in its prestigious headquarters in DUBAI, from where not only it controls the entire market of the Middle East, but also Countries such as India and North Africa North-Eastern.  In this panorama, Dubai is the crucial core for strategic economic, trade and logistics.